Top New SMART Excel formulas added in Microsoft Excel Urdu Hindi Tutorial || Learn with Purpose


#Top #new and Improved #Excelformulas 2022 to #savetimeformulas Hi Thanks for watching this useful video , in this video I will share my practical experience with new and useful formulas added by Microsoft Excel. 1. Ifs formulas to use instead of nested if. 2. Dmax formula to lookup smartly. 3. Maxif formula to search on the base of maxium price or quantity and Minif as opposite of Maxif. 4. Use of Averageif Averageifs formulas in excel. 5. Last by not least we will discuss jointext formula in excel. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial, if you feel any difficulty plz discuss in comment section. plz don’t forget to subscribe us and like the video. The Excel Expert summarized most new and useful formulas functions in excel. You will be able to solve any problem in excel , if you understand these formula. working file can be downloaded from : #Learn #advanced #excel #urdu #hindi Thank for watching.

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