How to Make Ledger Report in MS Access 2 || Professional Accounting Database Urdu Hindi Tutorial P7

#AccountingDatabaseMSAccess #DSumFunction #RunningTotal Part 2 How to create Professional Accounting Database in MS Access In this course we are going to discuss a lot of things.In this course we will cover each and every thing in access like #VBA Coding , Tables , Forms , Queries and Accounting Concepts as well in a very practical way .. Following are the major outcome of this tutorial : 1. You will be able to #Dusm Function 2. Running Total Concepts 3. Individual Account Ledger Report 4. Basics of Forms and Queries in Ms Access 5. Pass Data from table to report and many other .. Complete PlayList of Accounting Application : Complete Template can be downloaded from the given link but Plz Don’t forget to Write a positive comment and subscribe our channel to support us for future videos like this..