How to Create General Ledger in MS Access || Pro Accounting Database || Urdu Hindi Tutorial P2

#AccountingDatabase #MSAccess #GeneralLedgerMSAccess How to create Professional Accounting Database in MS Access In this course we are going to discuss a lot of things.In this course we will cover each and every thing in access like #VBA Coding , Tables , Forms , Queries and Accounting Concepts as well in a very practical way .. Following are the major outcome of this tutorial : 1. You will be able to understand the Voucher system and types 2. Create General Ledger in MS Access 3. Some VBA event to #Dlookup data from one to another table. 4. Basics of Forms and Tables. Complete PlayList of Accounting Application : Complete Template can be downloaded from the given link but Plz Don’t forget to Write a positive comment and subscribe our channel to support us for future videos like this..