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How to Maintain your Customers Ledgers in Excel Step by Step Urdu Hindi Tutorial

#CustomerLedgerExcel #SupplierLedgerExcel  #ExcelTutorials In this tutorial you will learn excel formulas by creating a responsive Customers Ledgers Template in Excel in Urdu/Hindi language. After completing this , you will be able to apply excel functions to implement logic. Key Formulas Discussed here are : 1. Data Validation 2. Sum 3 HyperLinks 4 Reference 5 Accounting […]

How to Create Invoice Tracker Receivable software in Excel Urdu|Hindi Tutorial

#Invoice #Tracking #Excel In this short video tutorial YOU Will Learn very very important advance excel formulas with a practical example Following are the key discussions of this tutorial : 1 #Logical If formulas 2 #data validations in excel 3 #Accounts Receivable 4 #Invoice Tracking system Free Template Learn more at www.youtube.com/learnwithpurpose and download template… […]